Risselin Design Consultant | ABOUT ME


From 2006, I am working as creative in various sectors of design: web, graphic, interior, product and packaging. Before to come to live in Spain in 2003, I have finished my studies of marketing in France, my home country. This aspect of my formation is very helpful to understand the needs of my clients and to see design as part of a marketing strategy of a company. I know that design is not a magical solution to sell products or services but I am convinced that a good marketing plan needs a good design.


Since I am in Spain, I still studying about design, concepts, and new methods on my own and in the University of Valencia. I have also been working in different studios and I am in contact with professionals of design and architecture.


My goal is to help you to find solutions to your problems or enquiries. If you have a look on my portfolio you could see that each client deserves a tailored solution.